Organic & Fair Trade


You'll notice that our store is focused on offering clothes that are organic and made ethically. If you're wondering why this is important then let me take a moment to explain how choosing organic clothing benefits you, your children and the environment. 

Cotton & Clothing Production

Cotton farming accounts for 2.4% of agricultural land worldwide yet it accounts for 35% of pesticide and insecticide sales, making it one of the most chemically intensive crops in the world to grow. The chemicals used in cotton production have a huge impact on air quality, soil quality, water quality and the health of farmers and people living close to areas where cotton is grown.

Farmers and workers who make clothing from cotton that is not organic are often not subject to liveable wages or fair and healthy working environment. Sadly, child labour is often used.

How is Organic Cotton Different?

Organic cotton is grown in a way which has a low environmental impact. Organic cotton is better for the environment because it is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides & fertilisers.

Fair Trade
Not only is organic cotton better for the environment, but there are measures put in place to ensure fair working conditions for farmers and workers who make the clothes. They are paid a liveable wage and work in a safe and healthy working environment free from child labour.


The two common types of organic certification used by the brands we offer are GOTS & Oeko-Tex.

Keep an eye out in our store for the GOTS & Oeko-Tex logos.



By purchasing organic clothing you are telling the world that you care about the ethical production of your children's clothes. You can feel proud that you are supporting brands who make sure that the people who make their clothes are treated fairly and are paid a liveable wage.

x Lisa