Kanken: The best Scandi backpack

Kanken: The best Scandi backpack

Last year when my toddler needed a backpack I searched high and low for something a little bit different. I was looking for a bag that was the perfect size for a small child, durable and gender neutral (fun colours are always a bonus with me!).

My google searches led me to the Fjallraven Kanken Mini and I was instantly drawn to its simple but charming design. When our Kanken arrived a few days later I quickly fell in love with the iconic Swedish backpack.

We've now loved and used our Kanken for just over a year and I'm so excited to announce that Scandiland is now a Kanken retailer.

Who are Fjallraven?

I really have to love and respect each brand that I carry in my store. The social and environmental practices of a company are just as important to me as the product.

Fjallraven is a Swedish company that makes functional, timeless and durable outdoor equipment. Their goal is to have the lowest negative impact on the environment as possible  They don't use unethically sourced materials and they're constantly innovating to work more sustainably. 

Perfect for Adults & Kids

Kankens are enjoyed by children and adults all over the world. Yes, that's right adults this is something for you too! They were created back in 1978 to help Swedish school kids with their posture and they're now one of the most popular bags in the world.

We have the Kankens in two sizes, the mini size and the classic size. The classic size is what I would recommend for school, work and days out. The mini is well suited for young kids and adventures where you only need to pack light. 

My favourite features of the Kanken

Adults and kids on the go will appreciate that Kankens are waterproof and can easily be wiped clean with warm water (avoid the washing machine).

The classic weighs in at just 300g and the mini is only 220g so they really are very light and your back will be grateful. 

The little Arctic Fox logo doesn't just look good but it is reflective in low light.

The Kanken is the perfect bag if you're looking for a versatile bag that is colourful and timeless. You can view our full range here

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