Embracing Colourful Clothing as an Adult

Embracing Colourful Clothing as an Adult

I think we can all agree that parenting can be a super tough gig. As parents it's too easy to put ourselves and our wardrobes last. Our time is precious and it can be tedious going from store to store trying to find something flattering. It's especially difficult when you have young kids along for the ride because let's face it, clothes shopping isn't exactly exciting for them!


I don't consider myself fashionable and I'm definitely not cool. I'm a nerdy introvert and I've found always found it difficult to find my 'style'. What I really want is clothes that make me feel good and have a bit of character & soul.


Naturally I was beyond excited when I found out that some of our labels were going to start making adult clothing. Not only would there be designs I absolutely love, but I could wear the same soft and comfortable fabrics that my kids get to wear every day.


Our first pieces of adult clothing arrived to Scandiland late last year and they've resonated so well with adults. It's refreshing to wear something fun and colourful, to embrace that inner child that lives in all of us.


Duns Sweden Green Puffins

Meeting Lauren

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting up with Lauren from @laurenbehindthecamera. We'd spoken a lot through social media and decided to finally catch up in person. Our newest Duns Sweden collection had just arrived so Lauren & I decided to have some fun with our kids in our beautiful home city of Brisbane.


My love for Scandi is often muted by the day to day demands of motherhood and the requirements of running a store. Scandiland isn't usually exciting for my kids, they come with me to the post office, they're there to help me rip open new deliveries and I balance them in my lap whilst making a post on social media. They're absolute troopers and I jumped at the opportunity to do something fun with my gorgeous kids.


Lauren brought along her adorable daughter to help us and together they did a wonderful job capturing some pieces from our collections.


Duns Sweden Green Puffins


Duns Sweden Pears


Villervalla Adult Cloud Shirt


 Duns Sweden Sea Life

 Duns Sweden Tropical Punch

 Duns Sweden Tropical Punch


Duns Sweden Forget Me Not Purple Shirt


Lisa x

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