A Scandi Love Affair

A Scandi Love Affair

Scandiland Kids Clothing

It’s no secret that we have a serious love affair with Scandinavian clothing here

at Scandiland. I speak a lot about the greatness of Scandi children’s clothing so I

thought that it was time I shared with you all what it is that I, and many of my

customers, love so much about the Scandinavian approach to children's


Unique and Vibrant Designs!

The unique and vibrant designs of Scandinavian children’s clothing was the

initial drawcard for me. I instantly fell in love with the bold patterns, fabric

textures and audacious use of colour that the designs entailed. I found

children's clothing that was equally as interesting and inspiring was next to

impossible to find in Australian stores, and so begins the story of my love for

Scandinavian clothing.

Clothes that let children be children!

There is a deep respect and admiration for children in Scandinavia that is

reflected in the clothing designs. I love the way that the clothing doesn’t try to

dress children as adults but instead encompass the child like aspects of freedom

and playfulness. The inspiring designs allow children to express themselves as

well as continually learn, create, play and explore.

Sustainable and ethical!

Clothes that let children be children!? Who knew that they’d be so hard to find.

Scandinavian clothing had ticked almost all of the boxes and I was captivated by

this point. I was however still unhappy with dressing my baby in clothing that

was full of chemicals and nasties. Thus, my own personal passion for

sustainable, organic and ethical products was the last obstacle to overcome.

Once again, Scandinavian clothing provided a solution. Seeing these clothes that

were made and designed with immense care and respect on the little one I love

made a world of difference.

Spread the Love

I decided that I needed to share this comfort and happiness that I received from

Scandinavian clothing to parents and children everywhere. Thus, Scandiland was

created and blossomed into something I am truly passionate about. To me,

children’s clothing should be sustainable and ethical as well as age appropriate

with fun and functional designs. The clothing children wear for their adventures

growing up should be inspiring and individual and Scandinavian clothing delivers

all of this and more.
Watermelon and kids

If you’ve fallen head over heels for Scandinavian clothing as well, then uncover

the treasure chest of Scandi goodies in our online store here
Apr 26, 2017

Absolutely love this post and the beautiful imagery!


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