5 Ways to Wear Slugs & Snails Tights

5 Ways to Wear Slugs & Snails Tights

One of the most frequent questions I hear is "how do I style tights that have prints?" So I'll share with you my top 5 tips for styling Slugs & Snails on kids.

#1 - By themselves

You'll either love or hate this one, but yes tights can be worn as pants. This is a great option for babies and younger children. 

Pictured: Slugs & Snails - Juicy

Pictured: Slugs & Snails - Drop
Tees: Duns Sweden

#2 - With a Dress

Tights are absolutely perfect paired with a dress. Never be afraid to mix & match prints, there's no such thing as clashing with Scandi.

Tights with prints are also a great way to brighten up denim dresses and dresses that are a solid colour.

Pictured: Slugs & Snails - Hoot
Dress: Smafolk

Pictured: Slugs & Snails - Peace

#3 - Under overalls

You can easily brighten up a pair of denim overalls with a pair of colourful tights. They also work really well to provide additional warmth under velour & regular dungarees.

Pictured: Slugs & Snails - Sail away with Me

 Pictured: Slugs & Snails - Foxy

Pictured: Slugs & Snails - Loader

#4 - With Boots

There's nothing cuter than seeing tights paired with boots! Any boots will do, gumboots, leather boots, colourful boots, plain boots. 

#5 - Prince George Style

If you love the tights but your kids have outgrown their Slugs or just don't like tights (hey, we won't hold that against you) then socks are a great alternative. 

Knee high socks are a staple Prince George's wardrobe and he often wears them paired with shorts when the weather is cooler.

Pictured: Slugs & Snails Socks

Please feel free to share any of your styling tips below!

x Lisa

Images provided by Luca Edwards and Martha.

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